Web PLC & I/O modules The only one compact Web PLC
with an integrated radio modem
Compact PLC systems with digital & analog I/O Automation control
and remote monitoring
of machines and plants
OVERDIGIT Digital Arrows by Paola Zeppi


Compact Web PLCs

CoDeSys programmable PLCs
with HMI function on web server.
Available with integrated radio modem.


CoDeSys programmable

Development environment for PLC applications with textual and graphic languages according to IEC61131-3 standard.


I/O modules

Modules with a high number of
digital and analog I/O. Remotable on RS485
with Modbus protocol.


Automatic machines,

The multitasking operating system allows an efficient allocation of CPU resources for a real-time response of the controlled processes.

Industrial installations,
control panels

The connection of I/O modules via RS485 and CANopen fieldbus is designed to simplify installation and reduce wiring costs.

Building automation,
home automation

The design of graphic pages with CoDeSys tool and the integrated web server allow the creation of an HMI interface for supervision and control of the automation.

Photovoltaic, eolic,
energy management

The integrated radio modem of PLC makes it possible for remote monitor systems where a cable Internet access is not available.

Remote control, telemetry,
e-mobility, M2M

The GSM/UMTS radio modem realizes a permanent data connection to the Internet, sends/receives SMS and manages calls/identification of telephone numbers.

Data logging, production
data management

Storing large amount of data is possible with the built-in Flash disk and the two additional disks using SD-card and USB memory stick.

Networks automation,
Smart Grid

The TCP/IP library functions, client and server, allow the realization of systems that exchange information over the Internet.

Gateway for protocol

Standard protocols and CoDeSys libraries for the direct handling of serial and Ethernet ports allow data exchanges and conversions between different protocols.