The most widely used PLC development environment in the world

  • IEC61131-3 programming tool
  • Languages: Ladder, List, Text, Block, States
  • Multitasking applicatives support
  • Online Change feature
  • Design of HMI pages for web server
  • Remote programming on the network
  • OPC server for Scada connection
  • Easy and fast Overdigit modules integration
  • CANopen, Modbus, TCP/IP libraries
IEC61131-3 programmable PLC

The IEC61131-3 standard is the result of a complex work done by various international companies with the objective of defining a standard language for PLC programming. Several global manufacturers of PLC, have defined the syntax and rules of the programming of automation systems, regardless of the particular device. For this the language has also been adopted by several programmable automation systems, such as industrial PCs and other electronic equipment for specific applications.
With IEC61131-3 many automation systems, from different manufacturers, can be programmed with a common language. Significant benefits are derived from such standardization as the portability of the software and the learning of one language.

CoDeSys software tool

CoDeSys is the software development environment compliant with IEC61131-3 most used and known in the world. Developed in Germany by an independent company, the 3S-Smart Software Solutions, CoDeSys is a “standard into a standard” because it allows the programming, in the IEC languages, of a great variety of devices for automation using a single development environment.
CoDeSys tool is free of charge in all of its features if used on Overdigit Web PLCs because that devices include the software license in the price. After installing the specific PLC support files, the new device is ready to be programmed. All five specific languages approved by IEC 61131-3 standard can be used to write the application program with CoDeSys:

  • Structured Text (ST)
  • Instruction List (IL)
  • Ladder (LD)
  • Function Block Diagram (FBD)
  • Sequential Function Chart (SFC)

Additionally CoDeSys offers a sixth language, the Continue Functions Chart (CFC), evolution of FBD, with which is possible to draw diagrams made by multiple function blocks connected by wires.
The programming tool allows the creation of graphical pages whose objects can interact with the program variables. The pages are a powerful debugging tool, but can also be transferred to the PLC and displayed by a web browser or by special application. In this way, the PLC includes a sophisticated graphical interface for all management operations and remote monitoring. For the development, testing and maintenance of the IEC program, the RS232 port, USB interface or Ethernet network can be used. The network connection can also be remotely established, operating with all the functionality of the tool via the Internet.

Oscat libraries

The Oscat libraries include hundreds of IEC61131-3 functions and function blocks ready to use. These libraries are open source and the source code, viewable with CoDeSys tool, is also a large collection of examples of IEC programming. Mathematics, complex functions, arithmetic, geometry and vector. Functions for date/time, strings, arrays, pulse/signal generators, logic modules, flip-flop, shift-register, sensors, measures, conversions, controls and driver. Also functions of all kinds for home automation and communication on the network.
The OSCAT libraries are useable on Overdigit Web PLCs.