The evolution of Modbus on devices with universal I/O

  • Available isolated digital and analog I/O
  • RS485 high-speed interface
  • Enhanced – Modbus RTU protocol
  • Configurable on fieldbus
  • Device identification on bus
  • CoDeSys integration for Web-PLC
  • Advanced management tool on PC
  • Dimensions 17.5 mm on DIN rail

The modules of the EX series are compatible with all devices with Modbus standard protocol. Used as I/O expansion of the CoDeSys Web PLCs, it can be achieved extremely higher communication performance to what is normally possible to obtain with other Modbus devices. Also, the modules, while being compact in size, have a high density of I/O and a great flexibility of use, thanks to their characteristics of configurability.

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I/O modules – EX series

The high-speed RS485 serial interface allows remote access of the devices simplifying wiring and reducing system costs.
The devices on the market typically use baud rate in the range 9600bits/s to 115.2Kbits/s. The EX series modules can communicate with baud rate from 300bit/s up to 1Mbit/s.
The protocol is compliant with the Modbus RTU standard but also implements additional commands for updating the entire areas of I/O through the exchange of a single frame of the protocol.

The parameters for communication and I/O configuration are set via the fieldbus using the PC software tool or in an integrated manner with the CoDeSys application.
The communication protocol provides for the recognition of the device by the network master using the appropriate function code.
CoDeSys integration
The Overdigit Web PLCs allow direct integration of modules in the “PLC configuration” of CoDeSys. To update the I/O just enter in the program the appropriate library block that is automatically configured according to the inserted modules.
PC tool
The Modbus-Tool software allows the configuration, the direct testing of I/O and Modbus commands test. In addition it is equipped with an analyzer with 32 channel configurable to read/write values, draw graphs and perform data logging.

The modules are extremely compact and require only 17.5mm of DIN rail.

Modbus-Tool software for PC

The Modbus-Tool software is an indispensable tool for the configuration and the I/O modules tests. The system of automatic recognition of the module, on a given slave address, allows to have available a ready page to test the specific I/O resources. The tool also has a test mode of the individual codes of the Modbus protocol functions. It requires an RS485 interface on the PC and operates as an RTU master, managing Overdigit modules and any other slave device with Modbus protocol.

Modbus-Tool is a software developed by OVERDIGIT. The full version is activated by using it, at least once, on one of our I/O modules.

Analysis tool for Modbus registers

Modbus-Tool also features a sophisticated analyzer with 32 channels, individually configurable on different addresses of slave and Modbus register, which allows the acquisition and editing of values. The analyzer also has the Plot function to visually track the trend over time of the values of the selected channels. The graph thus obtained can also be saved to a bitmap file. Enabling the Log function, the values of the analyzed registers are also stored in a logging file for later importing the data into an Excel spreadsheet.