GSM/UMTS antenna, magnetic base, cable 2.5m, SMA connector

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CODE: 099-8802 Category: Accessories


Multi-band antenna suitable for the version of compact Web PLC equipped with GPRS or HSPA radio modem.
This antenna is fixed on a magnetic base with 2.5 meters of cable for the installation in remote locations respect to the PLC. Advisable in all situations where the PLC is closed in shielded metallic environment or where the field is particulary attenuated.

Technical Specification

Frequencies AMPS (824-894 MHz)
ISM (868 MHz)
GSM (900 MHz)
DCS (1800 MHz)
PCS (1900 MHz)
3G (UMTS 2.1 GHz)
Impedance 50 ohm
Polarization Vertical
Gain 2.2 dB Max
Power handling 35 W
Connector SMA male
Cable 2.5 m
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C