DIN rail compact interface with 16 x 6A relay – 24V PNP coils

  • Compact interface module with relay on socket
  • High current relay: 6A/250Vac – 6A/30Vdc
  • Maximum operative voltage: 400Vac – 125Vdc
  • Maximum switching power: 1500VA
  • Coils nominal voltage: 24Vdc
  • PNP coils polarity
  • LEDs for visual signalling of relay status
  • Screw terminals for wires up to 2.5 mm2
  • Plastic support with DIN rail mounting
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CODE: 099-8202 Category: Interface modules


Compact module with 16 relays for the interfacing of PLC and control systems that are equipped with low current static outputs.
An ideal interface also for OVERDIGIT digital output modules of the EX series in case of necessity of free changeover contacts and switching of high loads also on line voltage.
The 24V PNP driving logic allows adaptation to the most widely types of PLC outputs.
The relays are equipped with LEDs signalling the state for an immediate diagnosis of the system and with sockets with retaing spring for a simple and quick replacement.

Technical Specification

Number of relay 16
Nominal voltage 24Vdc
Operative voltage 18Vdc (activation) / 7Vdc (release)
Driving polarity PNP
Current consumption 14mA (each relay)
Max current (cosɸ = 1) 6A @ 250Vac, 6A @ 30Vdc
Max voltage 400Vac, 125Vdc
Max switching (cosɸ = 1) 1500VA @ 250Vac, 180W @ 30Vdc
Min load 10mA @ 12Vdc
Max resistance 100mΩ
Max activation time 8ms
Max release time 4ms
Min mechanical life 107
Min electrical life 3×104
Dielectric strength 4000Vac (coil / contact)
Connection Screw terminals for 28÷12AWG / 2.5mm2 cables
Operative temp. -40°C to 85°C
Support PVC with Nylon clips for 35mm DIN rail (self-extinguishing V0)
Max dimensions 65 x 130 x 93 mm (H x W x D)


MREC-16/24P brochure