Innovative automation
completely made in Italy

Assembly of electronic boards

The products are made with surface mounted components (SMD). However, only for few components it was considered appropriate to use the classic technology “through hole” where the robustness to stress have not yet been overcome. For the assembly of our circuits are used the latest generation machines subject to periodic inspection and maintenance operations in order to obtain a production always within the design specifications.

Visual inspection and control

After mounting the components on the board, an accurate monitoring is executed using both the microscope that the automated vision systems with high resolution camera. A system of automatic recognition of the texts and a comparative control with a sample, analyzes every single mounted component. In this way every possible mistake or imperfection in the assembly is immediately detected.

Testing and calibration

In addition to the product it is also designed and realized its automatic test and calibration system. For example, for the EX08AI analog module, it was designed specifically an instrument capable of storing, within each single manufactured piece, more than 100 parameters necessary for calibration of the 8 channels. Only with the realization of such an instrument it was possible to obtain a product as the EX08AI where the several measurement scales are calibrated, channel by channel, with a unique precision in its kind. A calibration, conducted manually with a generic instrument, would take a very long time and made quite probable human error.